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Germany, born 22.12.1965, middleschool, trainee clerk; at all 20 years soldier, started at office, personal management, later 12 years informatik (programming, databasemanager, server, firewall, network)


Business Economist, state certified; Business Administration; programming lanuages; pc hardware, OS (Windows, Ubuntu), Webpages, ...

What doing now ?

My workplace with view to the children places (All in One)
programming, gaming with doughter (minetest), ...


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Impressum und Wohnort: Thomas Wilfried Wigand Wiegand, 291 Moo 2, Sanpakwan, Hangdong, Chgiang Mai, 50230, Chiang Mai, Thailand, +66 83 869 7732, (SubDomain)@(Domain)

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